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My Girls and My Crafts

Updated: May 9, 2021

What's your family's favorite craft activity to do together?

There are some hobbies that you can't share as well with your littles, but this is not one of them. Kids need to get messy! They need to have new experiences, textures, and colors. A chance to work hard and see the reward for their efforts. The ability to express themselves, no matter how simple or deep that feeling is.

My daughters and I have done all kinds of crafting: packaged sets of kids crafts, sewing, jewelry, Christmas cards, and painting everything from canvas to furniture to piggy banks. My oldest daughter's wedding had me in the craft room making hundreds of paper flowers. One petal at a time. It was a lot.

Now they have both grown and find their own strengths in art. My younger daughter has a real talent for painting. She revitalized get old vanity with just a few designs painted on top. Her different experiments and gifts warm up my home, even though she's far from me right now.

My oldest became much more interested in jewelry making when it comes to crafting. But her beginnings of crafts and even art programs is something she uses at her job almost every day. Designing graphics, creating flyers, helping market to clients. She enjoys that digital crafting space.

And what's my favorite? ...Painting. 🎨 It's a relaxing activity, and it's even a part of my business now! So much of it is trying to achieve perfection, and painting is a calm moment. When it's all cut, all prepped, and all that's left is to dab on the color.

And now...

I get to share these joys with my grandson! He's gotten to where he will let us paint his hand, and he's just started coloring. While he explores sand and clay, I hope we find what he loves one day. I can't wait to see what he makes.

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