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The Farmer's Market

A couple weeks ago, we finally got signed up and ready for the Farmer's Market here in Paducah. We just had our second Saturday selling signs and earrings.


I am just going to say that I really enjoy doing all of this. My business. The painting, the crafting, the designing. Nothing makes me happier than when someone walks up to the booth and they fall in love with the art I have made.


This is such a great opportunity to get my business started. We started off making samples and gifts to show off what we can do, but there is so much more that is possible. It's hard to sell something if people can't see it.

Now we can create these beautiful designs and see what is the favorite. Which sign do the most people reach for? What calls out to the most people?

It is just the same with the earrings! Having a reason to cut these earrings out gives us the chance to try new beautiful patterns. And we may have already been thinking of a few more tricks to try with them.

This week we also get to design a "take and make" craft for the kids to buy. And then soon we'll be dusting off the fall and Christmas design ideas. There's no end and it makes me EXCITED. I love this work, and I love my little local business.

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