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Ready To Forge My Business

Very exciting delivery today! It feels like I have been waiting so long. I have had a Cricut for years, but this is my first step toward making the kind of products I want. Products I can take pride in and be happy to sell to customers.

Anyone who personally knows me KNOWS how much I love crafting. I even have an entire room dedicated to it! I have made Christmas cards, my daughters wedding shower invitations, hundreds of paper flowers for her wedding, countless crafts and art projects for my preschool students, and a standing space for my family to paint when creativity strikes. But even with all that, there has always been so much MORE I wanted to do.

One of my favorite parts of the craft room? All of my specialty tools and gadgets! Every time I get a new 'toy' I am able to be just that much better, that much more intricate, that much more creative. I am a tool kind of girl, but this is THE TOOL of my dreams.

As soon as I got it set up I had to start playing around and testing it. And even as I type this up, I already have my next project cutting and wood stain drying.

What are some of your favorite crafting tools you have used in your own crafting?

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