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Ornaments Made Just For You

We have lots of ornaments for your family tree! Bring your ornament exchange up a level with a personalized touch. These are perfect heirloom pieces, handmade to order.

Marshmellow Mug (4)_edited.png

Marshmallow Mug

These adorable cocoa mugs can be customized on both the mug's nameplate and the marshmallows. Choose from two to six marshmallows to fit your family's needs.

State License Plate Ornaments

These ornaments are miniatures of the State License Plate Plaques. We have designs available for any state you need, and a general USA design. If you have any questions about your state's availability or design, send an email to for more info.


Cardinal Ornament

This ornament matches our Cardinal Sign. The center is customizable, but the space is limited. It's a gorgeous little piece to have for your tree!


Traditional Style Ornaments

These round ornaments are completely customizable: the text in the center, the decorative carvings around it, and the color. Choose between the snowflake, holly & bells, and reindeer designs

Monogrammed Ornament

These are our favorite to take with to events and Christmas markets because we can make them on demand. Choose what letter you want monogrammed on these shiplap ornaments.

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